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They say a picture is worth a thousand words...well we hope a Pilot from Reality Show that never aired is worth a million!

As Seen In
 As Seen In

 For those who just like to read....

Wigdazzle is a new way to shop for wigs.  We are a subsidiary of Sunny's Hair & Wigs.  Sunny's is the pre-eminent place to shop for celebrity quality wigs and hair extensions.  We are a family run business for over 25 years.

Our years of experience has partnered up with the best celebrity hair stylists including Derek J, Lawrence Washington and Linda Flowers.  We have worked with celebrities such as Brandy, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson and Toni Braxton and provided wigs for TV shows such as The Game, Vampire Diaries and movies such as Flight and The Hunger Games.

We aren't just bragging... we want you to know that we know wigs!  We love wigs!  Whether you use them as protective styles, an occasional way to mix it up we have you covered.

From our experiences there are certain wigs that just work on everybody and we know those wigs...so Wigdazzle saves you time and money!

Wigdazzle is a small hands on team...so write us with questions but please give us 2-3 business days to get back to you.